Everything You Wanted to Know About IQOS

Everything You Wanted to Know About IQOS

The IQOS tobacco heating system is Philip Morris's own development. And I must say that this system to this day remains the most popular and in demand on the market and this despite the fact that more and more competitors appear on sale.

About the Gadget and Technology in General

About the Gadget and Technology in General

IQOS Dubai is a tobacco heating system that works with tobacco sticks. A tobacco stick is a type of cigarette with improved filtration. The sticks are filled with a tobacco mixture soaked in an aqueous solution of food grade glycerin. A characteristic difference from ordinary smoking is that there is no open flame and the tobacco is heated only to a temperature of 350 ℃.

No, of course, and in this case, smoking remains smoking, but it is less harmful, since nicotine is supplied to the respiratory system together with steam, and not with smoke. The tobacco heating technology developed by Philip Morris has been duplicated by other companies many times. But to this day it remains original, since the tobacco is heated not along the outer perimeter, as in the Ploom developed by Winston, but from the inside. And whoever says anything, many people associate the technology of heating tobacco for safe smoking with the IQOS brand.

How the Gadget Works

How the Gadget Works

IQOS is a structurally complex device consisting of 3 elements:

  • A charger is required to charge the holder after each use.
  • The holder - in fact, this is the smoking device in which the heating element is located and where the sticks are inserted.
  • Heated tobacco sticks are structurally complex products containing a certain amount of compressed tobacco dust and a filter.

With the release of other brands of tobacco heating systems, marketers Philip Morris realized that the decision to manufacture systems with separate components was not the best one. Therefore, along with the traditional IQOS, the IQOS 3 MULTI model appeared on sale, where the holder and charger are a single whole. But, oddly enough, the system with separate components has traditionally been more popular.

About IQOS Models

About IQOS Models

IQOS smoking devices have been produced since 2014 and, of course, since then several different modifications of this device have been developed. More precisely, there were five modifications.


IQOS 2.4 PLUS is the first model, which, in fact, was released in 2014. Rather, in the 14th year, the gadget was simply called IQOS 2.4, and the PLUS index in the name appeared only after 2017. Then a brighter LED indication appeared in the device. The button for forced cleaning of the holder was changed to a Bluetooth button and after that the gadget could be synchronized with a smartphone. All buttons on this modification are golden.


IQOS 3 - this model went on sale in 2018. The gadget was distinguished by a modified design and improved performance characteristics. The gadget has won several innovation awards. However, the only really tangible achievement was the reduced charging time and the increased temperature range. IQOS 3 is available in white, black, gold and blue.


IQOS 3 MULTI - this model has been modified by IQOS 3. In the MULTI modification, the holder and the charger are combined. As a result, the gadget became easier to use, and besides, it could be used without recharging up to 10 times! Fully charging the device takes about 75 minutes.


IQOS 3 DUO - this model went on sale in 2019. The peculiarity of the model was that the holder's charge was enough for two sessions without recharging. It also recharged faster between sessions compared to previous models. An additional charge indicator appeared on the body of the device. In addition to the usual colors for this model, special colors are used - silver-blue, terracotta and cherry.


IQOS Lil SOLID is the newest IQOS model and went on sale in 2020. The device uses Dual Heat technology instead of conventional heating. This model uses specially designed Fiit sticks instead of standard sticks. The manufacturer associates the subsequent lineup with this gadget and its refinement and improvement.

Let's Summarize

So, in general terms, you know about IQOS. It remains to decide whether to buy or not. You can still smoke regular cigarettes, which are getting more expensive every year without getting any better. Meanwhile, numerous studies confirm that the only harm to the body from tobacco when using IQOS is the effect of nicotine. Resins and other decay products that are released during the combustion of tobacco and paper do not enter the smoker's body at all. Isn't that a reason enough to go out and buy IQOS?