IQOS Stick Review: Pack Colors, Flavors and Strength

More and more people are switching to smoking IQOS instead of regular cigarettes. This is due to their desire to reduce the level of harm to health. Since the tobacco in IQOS does not burn, but heats up, the level of harmful emissions of combustion products is reduced by 90%.

Having switched to IQOS Dubai, many smokers ask themselves the question of choosing sticks as a substitute for cigarettes. The stick is smaller than a cigarette. Therefore, many people believe that it also contains less tobacco. But this is a delusion. The fact is that tobacco is strongly compressed in sticks. Therefore, for the same volume of filling a cigarette, it accounts for more. In addition, it should be borne in mind that two-thirds of the tobacco in cigarettes simply burns out, while in IQOS it slowly smolders. This allows you to reduce the harm from smoking, but at the same time maintain the required amount of tobacco and its strength.

Three varieties of tobacco are used for the production of sticks - Burley, Oriental and Virginia. In this case, only leaves without stems are selected so that the tobacco can be ground and pressed with glycerin to a homogeneous mass.

Glycerin is needed for the formation of steam. Without it, the tobacco mixture is too dry and does not evaporate. It is a safe ingredient that is even added to inhaled medicines.

The stick, like a cigarette, has a filter. It is made from natural ingredients that are harmless to health and the environment. Since when the tobacco mixture is heated, as many harmful substances are not released from it as when smoking a cigarette, the filter performs more the function of cooling the steam in order to make smoking comfortable and protect the smoker's bronchi from harmful effects.

IQOS Stick Review: Pack Colors, Flavors and Strength

The main stick brand for IQOS is IQOS Heets. These sticks are best suited for smoking in IQOS. All varieties differ in flavoring and tobacco strength. The design of Heets sticks is kept in the same style, and color stripes are used to distinguish between varieties.

The advantage of Heets sticks is in a special filter layer, which provides additional protection from harmful substances, as well as in a foil layer, with which it is possible to protect tobacco from moisture, and the smoker's lips from hot steam.

There are several types of sticks on the market under Heets brand. All of them visually differ in the color of the packs, as well as in aromas and strength.

Yellow Label

Yellow Label has a subtle spicy aroma and taste of traditional weak cigarettes.

Amber Label

Amber Label is the strongest stick. They are chosen by experienced smokers. It has no aromatic additives.

Bronze Label

Bronze Label. Strong sticks with cocoa and dried fruit flavors are produced under this brand. They have a persistent taste and a long-lasting aftertaste.

Turquoise Label

Turquoise Label - menthol flavored sticks. The mint flavor is so strong that slight bitterness is felt when smoked. At the same time, the taste of tobacco is not heard. The mint freshness lasts for a long time.

Green Zing

Green Zing. This is another menthol variety of sticks, but here the minty flavor is weaker and is combined with the citrus aroma.

Purple Label

Purple Label. Sticks with menthol and berries flavor. The berry mix is dominated by the taste of black currant. This variety is usually preferred for its sweetness and lightness.