What is IQOS? Pros and Cons of the Tobacco Heating System

IQOS Dubai is a special portable tobacco smoking device developed just a few years ago by Philip Morris International. Unlike cigarettes and cigars, IQOS warms tobacco up to 350 degrees Celsius.

In practice, this gadget looks like an electronic cigarette, into the receiver of which a special cigar-shaped stick filled with tobacco mixture is inserted (IQOS Heets). The device is equipped with a lithium-ion battery and a platinum-ceramic heater. In order to start the smoking process, just insert such a stick into the receiver and inhale through the IQOS mouthpiece. Charging the device is carried out contactless using a portable charger, in turn, charged from the mains.

What is IQOS?

During the standard smoking procedure (thermal distillation of tobacco), tobacco and cigarette paper are burned. As a result, about 6,000 chemical compounds are released, most of which are poisons for the human body. In particular, soot, soot, tar and carbon monoxide are formed, which, systematically entering our body, lead to cardiovascular, pulmonary diseases, and are also the main cause of cancer.

According to experts, due to the rather low temperature of exposure to the smoking blend and paper, tobacco in IQOS does not burn at all. During the smoking process, the blend gradually evaporates when heated to 350 degrees Celsius, which avoids the occurrence of combustion by-products. The smoker does not inhale smoke, but nicotine vapor, which in taste and aroma properties is as close as possible to the taste of ordinary cigarettes. At the same time, the harm of smoking (or, if you prefer, vaping) is reduced by 90-95% compared to the use of conventional tobacco products.

For vaporization, IQOS is charged not with an ordinary tobacco mixture, but specially crushed tobacco powder. In order for it to evaporate during heating, it is impregnated with glycerin and propylene glycol. Thus, in the process of sticks vaping, the smoker, in addition to nicotine, also inhales glycerin aerosol.

Philip Morris International marketers claim that more than 3.7 million smokers regularly use IQOS. In particular, consumers do report the following benefits to regular use of this gadget:

  • IQOS does not emit the characteristic pungent smell of burnt tobacco during operation. Therefore, when vaping with this gadget, the smoker's hands, hair and clothes will smell like the perfume that he applied in the morning when leaving the house;
  • Almost complete absence of carcinogenic factors, including tar, soot, carbon monoxide;
  • The absence of the characteristic yellow plaque on the teeth and fingers of the smoker. No smoke, no soot, which means no dirty brown teeth.