IQOS Heets Dimensions

IQOS Heets Ammil Dimensions

AED 140 AED 160
Save 20 AED

1 Carton / 200 Sticks (10 packs)
Taste: An exceptional blend of fresh and herbal notes accompanied by an underlying twist of velvety and creamy sensations.

IQOS Heets Noor Dimensions

AED 140 AED 160
Save 20 AED

1 Carton / 200 Sticks (10 packs)
Taste: Nutty flavors and citrus and fruity notes.

IQOS Heets Yugen Dimensions

AED 140 AED 160
Save 20 AED

1 Carton / 200 Sticks (10 packs)
Taste: A delightful combination of fruity notes and floral aromas with a subtle hint of freshness.

IQOS Dubai has created real tobacco sticks with innovative technology. They have invested money and time to make a healthier alternative for harmful cigarettes. The new technique is used in compact devices. This device does not burn the tobacco and lets it heat at low temperatures. You can enjoy full of nicotine fumes without nasty smoke.

The Heets sticks are rich in high-quality tobacco. There are several flavors available. We deliver all the flavors of IQOS Heets in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and other emirates of the UAE. Adult smokers who want to quit smoking or ready to try safer alternatives will love this product. The device does not produce ash of tobacco. These sticks are designed to be used in a specific IQOS device. You cannot burn them like regular cigarettes.

You can buy a complete carton with 200 sticks of your favorite Heets Dimensions flavor. Every IQOS Heets Dubai stick has almost the same nicotine that is 0.5 mg as in a regular cigarette. You must use the stick as per instructions provided by IQOS. Make sure to keep it away from children.

Heets Dimensions Range in Dubai

IQOS has divided Heets flavor into basic categories. Dimensions Heets sticks are one of four types. They have mild and subtle notes. Famous mixologist and nicotine artisans chef Juan Amador and Rene Soffner spent time creating this masterpiece. This line of Heets is not commonly available. We import these Heets flavors in Dubai from Russia.

Our motto is to bring authentic IQOS products to the UAE. You can rest assured that every device is in top-notch condition. We keep our inventory full so you don’t have to wait for your favorite Heets.

Flavors of IQOS Heets Dimensions We Deliver

You can easily place your order from our website for the following flavors.

Heets Ammil Dimensions

The high-quality blend of tobacco gives woody notes. The smoke has velvety warmness. 

Heets Noor Dimensions

This limited-edition flavor is also created by experts. It has the fruity warmness of tobacco. IQOS has used high-quality tobacco in it which leaves creamy feelings upon smoking.

Heets Yugen Dimensions

A flavor that was created for people who like to try something other than conventional cigarettes. It is a limited-edition series. It has an herbs-like aroma and floral notes.

How to Use IQOS Heets Dimensions Sticks?

IQOS devices are created with care. They can be used indoors as they don’t leave nasty smoke. You will not get any ash from smoking sessions. All these qualities make them the best alternative for habitual smokers.

It is also quite easy to use Heets sticks in it. You can place your favorite IQOS Heets Dimensions flavor in the holder. Press the switch so the device starts heating. It has built-in control to take the temperature at 350°C. At this temperature, the tobacco will not burn but start giving fumes of nicotine.

You will get warm and creamy fumes of the best-quality tobacco blend. It will last for around six minutes. These 14 puffs of Heets Dimension will keep you satisfied without harming your health.