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IQOS Heets Marlboro Purple Menthol Dubai UAE

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1 Carton / 200 Sticks (10 packs)
Taste: Elegant cooling sensation with aromatic richness. Grape and strong menthol.
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IQOS Heets Marlboro Purple Menthol Characteristics

Flavor: Elegant cooling sensation with aromatic richness. Grape and strong menthol.
Include: 1 Carton / 10 Small Packets / 200 Sticks
Weight: 250 g
The net weight of the tobacco mixture in a single stick: 6.1 g.
Origin: Japan
Suitable for: IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 MULTI, IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS Lil Solid

Cigarette – ★☆☆ 1/3
Sharpness – ☆☆☆ 0/3
Menthol – ★★★ 3/3

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If you like medium tobacco flavor, then we recommend you try IQOS Heets Marlboro Balanced Regular

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12 reviews for IQOS Heets Marlboro Purple Menthol

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How I liked it! This is a classic for hookah lovers. Blueberries with mint. Very combinable aromas, menthol does not drown out the taste of berries, but only complements them. A good combination, very cool!


Lilly Wade


The cool thing about Purple Menthol sticks is a blueberry-filled capsule. When the capsule is crushed, in addition to the menthol aroma, the smoke acquires a delicate blueberry flavor. I really liked it) When I smoked cigarettes, I always smoked capsule ones. Well this is a more feminine taste I think




Too cool taste! You can fall in love! Immediately, it resembles a menthol stick, but it is worth trying - the smoke is filled with blueberry flavor: it contains a capsule with a blueberry filling. The taste is bitter, the mouth feels cool.


Dirar Gaber


It seems to me that this option is more suitable for obvious connoisseurs of a hookah. The taste is a combination of blueberry and mint. These types are very suitable for each other, while they do not drown out, but perfectly complement. I really love hookah in the combination of berry-menthol, so I really liked these sticks and now I have them all the time.


Wadhaa Najjar


And these are my favorite Marlboro sticks! When I tried them, I could not help being delighted and gave them a try to all my friends who smoked IQOS. Not everyone liked the taste, some don't like menthol, some don't like berries. But most people check out the cool combination of menthol and blueberries (like blueberries, maybe there are some other berries in the composition). And when you crush a capsule, your taste buds will be stunned by this taste.


Razin Bahar


A cool addition to regular menthol sticks. you crush the capsule and a wave of blueberry flavor simply pours into the smoking process. Yes, these are my favorite sticks at the moment.


Yasirah Totah


The best sticks for me! Nice menthol and when you crush the capsule, the taste of blueberry immediately spreads. Cool combination! After them, it is impossible to smoke something else. they are too cool


Hafsah Baba


Definitely a female version of the sticks! And one of the most delicious. Menthol with blueberry capsule. It turns out that smoking can be delicious! Girls, I advise you to try these sticks, you will not regret it! Thanks to the store for the super price and fast delivery.

Badriya Suhair


Amazing taste! These are not just menthol sticks, they are flavored with a light aroma of blueberries. This is the best combination I've tried. I'll order more.


Shukri Samaha


The blueberry capsule sticks are definitely a feature of the Marlboro line. I did not notice such a novelty from other manufacturers. Great taste, menthol and blueberry complement each other. In any smoking system, be it an iqos or a hookah or something else, this combination will never go out of style.

Qaraja Nassar


The coolest sticks. I have not yet met a single person who would not like them. Everything is so harmonious and delicious. Neither blueberries nor menthol interrupt each other's rum. Together, it's just a bombingly delicious mix.

Dani Qureshi


Perfectly crafted with a blueberry capsule. Vksu is gentle, soft. It turned out very fresh. it is especially pleasant to smoke them in the evening after work.

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