Heets TEREA from Kazakhstan

Our IQOS and HEETS online store offers to buy TEREA sticks from Kazakhstan. We suggest modern e-smoking devices with free shipping on orders over AED 600. All sticks on the site are original products manufactured according to all safety rules and other standards.

What is special about TEREA sticks from Kazakhstan?

All sticks of this series are different from other lines. To smoke them, you need to purchase IQOS ILUMA in Dubai UAE. Other devices are not suitable for this purpose. 

Each TEREA stick has a metal plate built into it. This is necessary so that the electronic cigarette, which works on the principle of electromagnetic induction, can heat it. Devices of the IQOS ILUMA model do not have a built-in heating element. Their induction coil reacts to the metal inside the stick, which raises its temperature and heats the tobacco.

For this reason, IQOS ILUMA can only be used with TEREA sticks. No other products will be heated in this device.

TEREA from Kazakhstan

Advantages of TEREA sticks from Kazakhstan

  • Choosing these products from our IQOS and HEETS online store, you get:
  • Quality tobacco, which is thoroughly dried with observance of technology.
  • Clean smoking. The sticks are covered with a layer of paper on the top and bottom, which prevents the tobacco from spilling out. You won't have to clean your IQOS after smoking.

Favorite flavors. This lineup features familiar products. The manufacturer has taken the tastes of the classic series, among which everyone will find their favorite.

What flavors are available to order in the TEREA from Kazakhstan series?

You can buy:

  • TEREA Amber. Deep, rich flavor. Pleasant notes of walnut and wood complement classic tobacco.
  • TEREA Green Zing. Flavorful sticks of medium strength. Fresh notes of green tea with a touch of citrus.
  • TEREA Purple. Fruity and berry taste that is impossible to forget. The strength is medium.
  • TEREA Silver. Light sticks with subtle spicy notes.
  • TEREA Turquoise. Delicate flavor and low strength. A menthol product that has long gathered its army of fans.

Try them all and find what works for you. You may find several favorites at once to make your smoking experience more enjoyable. You can also choose any other IQOS Heets TEREA sticks.

Our IQOS and HEETS online store is confident about the quality of its products in Dubai. Our consultants provide 24/7 support and are always ready to answer your range, delivery, and ordering questions. By choosing us, you are choosing excellent service.