100% Original IQOS 3 DUO Dubai - UAE

100% Original IQOS 3 DUO Dubai - UAE

    IQOS has created several versions of devices to smoke Heets. Every device is getting better with time. They have provided several new color options with good battery life. Initially, the device was used for a few sessions. Now with the advancement of IQOS devices, you can smoke several times depending on the device you have. We have stocked all the newest versions of IQOS devices in Dubai and UAE.

    This IQOS Heets holder is created by removing all the weaknesses of previous versions. It can be charged rapidly as compared to older devices. It can be used many times in a single time. This version has resolved the problem of a heated device that cannot be used for several minutes after one session.

    What Is Different About IQOS 3 DUO

    This version has an advanced level of connecting with the App. This App is created by the IQOS company. You will also get a Bluetooth connectivity option. The material used in this compact device is of high quality and a bit heavier. This makes it sturdy and strong. You will get clean and dense puffs through this device.

    It comes with a mini charger which you can put in the pocket. This charger will let you charge the device whenever you want and take around 35 sessions. The holder can be used twice back to back. Habitual smokers have found this device easy to use because of the charging option. You will get good feedback about the performance.

    What Comes With The Kit?

    We have imported all the colors of this device. You can place your order online from our website. We are delivering the IQOS 3 DUO in Dubai within 24 hours. The kit has your desired color device. You can choose from white, black, blue, and gold. It also has an instruction manual to use the device. The company has also inserted a guarantee card. It also has a tiny brush to clean the device and a stick to take out the Heets Dubai. The kit comes with a USB cable and an adaptor to charge the device. 

    How to Use IQOS 3 DUO?

    It is a chargeable device. You can charge it via USB port and then insert your favorite Heets. It has a simple structure with a switch. You will feel vibration upon turning it on which means the device has started heating the stick. This device usually takes 30 seconds to heat the tobacco. You can check the LED light to find out if the device is ready to release tobacco fumes. One session can last for 6 minutes and you can get 14 puffs out of your favorite flavor of Heets. This device vibrates once the fumes are consumed.

    It is necessary to check the charging status of IQOS DUO 3 before inserting the tobacco stick. If it is fully charged you will get high-quality denser puffs with clean flavors. There are lights on the device which indicate the charging status. Due to its slim shape, you can keep it in your pocket. If the lights on the device are off then you can connect the charger to start the device. Always disconnect the device from the USB charger before starting your smoking session. The device takes more or less 1 hour and 20 minutes to charge the battery.

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