IQOS Heets Amber Selection
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IQOS Heets Amber Selection

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HEETS Amber Selection by Philip Morris are made for the use of IQOS. HEETS are heated, not burned.

Have you been planning to quit smoking for long, and all attempts seem unsuccessful? We present our impressive IQOS Heets Amber selection with a unique smoking treat to give an authentic aroma for a fantastic smoking experience. With a mild roasted aroma of tobacco, these special IQOS HEET sticks will provide an intense flavor that lasts for a long time. With a stringent taste of burnt wood, this flavor is sure to captivate your senses to forget the intense craving for real nicotine. The impeccable tobacco texture also provides a tinge of Cuban cigarettes. This premium tobacco flavor is highly preferred due to its authentic aroma and taste.

IQOS Heets Amber Label Characteristics

Flavor: Herbal aroma with freshness
Pieces per carton: 200 Sticks
Weight: 250 g
The net weight of the tobacco mixture in a single stick: 6.1 g.
Origin: Kazakhstan
Suitable for: IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 MULTI, IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS Lil Solid

Intensity – ★★★ ☆☆ 3/5
Body – ★★★ ☆☆ 3/5
Aroma – ★★★★ ☆ 4/5

Delivery Process of Heets Amber Selection

Delivery charge: AED 30 in the UAE for orders less AED 300 and free delivery for other orders.

Same day delivery in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman for orders before 5 pm and next day delivery for other orders.

If you like tobacco with Berry Menthol Flavor, then we recommend you try IQOS Heets Purple Wave

7 reviews for IQOS Heets Amber Selection

  1. Abdulla

    It is quite strong tobacco flavor, reminds me Marlboro Red cigarettes, my favorite for like 10 years

  2. Fatimah

    Balanced and Spicy

    This is a specially roasted tobacco with light woody and nutty notes.

    The aroma from the pack is similar to light woody notes, thick nutty (as in regular) – no, rather a little sweetish, and fresh woody ones are.

    The taste is warm, close to the classic taste of tobacco, but with a mild, slightly sweet aftertaste wrapping taste.
    They seemed a little dry, perhaps that is why I cannot understand my attitude towards them.

    Regarding the recommendation – I don’t know, it’s a matter of taste. Specifically, these sticks I buy very rarely, for a year, probably, I took them 5 or 6 times, and only because there were no other tastes. I do not lower my rating, because the choice of sticks is a matter of taste, and I am sure that someone adores them as much as I adore purple wave and green zing

  3. Josh

    This taste is the most rich and similar to what I use to while I smoked cigarettes. If you just switched to Iqos, start with this flavor

  4. Hammad

    Classic sticks without any additional flavor.
    Suitable for those who love stronger.
    Personally, I could not use them, they are too strong and tart for me. It is comfortable that if used in an apartment, there is no persistent smell of tobacco, it disappears very quickly, there is also no ash that spreads throughout the apartment. The tobacco in sticks is quite high quality, rolled into a sheet, does not crumble. There is also a convenient to order on the website, fast home delivery and good service.

  5. Lana

    This is the flavor that I like the most. Despite these are not a cigarettes, it gives me same feeling, but no ash and no smoke – perfect.
    Fast delivery and low price made my day

  6. A.D.

    To my taste, I can say that it is really brighter than, for example, the HEETS Yellow Label sticks, while Yellow ones have a softer taste. The HEETS Amber Label sticks taste doesn’t have pronounced aromatic additives and any special flavors. I can’t tell about the smell that remains in the room, I feel it faintly, and besides, it quickly disappears.

    In general, these sticks from the entire HEETS lineup I liked the most, and I will give preference to them until something else appears.

  7. Ben

    For those who have switched to vaping (if you can call it this way), it is important that everything is as close as possible to a real cigarette, so these sticks are as MOST similar to classic tobacco without unnecessary impurities. In terms of strength, these Iqos sticks are the strongest, a pack is enough for a day, depending on your smoking preferences. The price of sticks is cheaper than cigarettes of the same brand. Therefore, for those who decided to switch to Iqos, I recommend starting with this type of stick.

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