IQOS Heets Bronze Selection
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IQOS Heets Bronze Selection

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With an entirely real smoking experience, IQOS provides healthy smoking feel using exceptional heat-not-burn technology. A variety of quality flavors can help you control your nicotine cravings to quit that harmful habit slowly. Bronze HEET sticks feature a tempting amalgamation of tobacco taste and intense cocoa flavor. Its mild tinge of dry fruits makes it quite rich in flavor. With a single stick providing an engaging smoking feeling for about six minutes, this is an ideal alternative to start your journey to quit smoking. It offers an appealing aromatic flavor without any smoke or ash remnants.

5 reviews for IQOS Heets Bronze Selection

  1. Ahmad

    I buy it always, I’m happy with the taste and strength

  2. Ben

    Bronze Selection has a number of advantages: they are quite rich, which allows you to feel the taste of familiar cigarettes “as before”. Again, the distant sensation of something chocolate-coffee is still present.
    This stick flavor is suitable for all types of people, both for young people and for older people who have been smoking for more than 20 years of their life and reject trendy button cigarettes and taste sticks.
    In any case, I think everyone should try, maybe they like it, maybe not, but one pack will not hurt anyone.

  3. Michael

    At the first puffs, a light taste of coffee and tobacco is felt.
    The sticks are strong enough for heavy smokers. But it is still light to me, I smoke two sticks at a time.
    If strong sticks are not for you, then I advise you to consider other options.
    Recently I tried tastes from the new collection, but I didn’t really like them.
    As a result, I decided that Bronze Selection suits me best.
    When smoked every day, the taste does not become boring, unlike berry or mint sticks.

  4. Karmen

    The best sticks of all options

  5. Kat

    Bronze Selection is dominated by tobacco flavor, strong and stable. Taste with notes of cocoa and dried fruit.
    When I first used it, I felt exactly this note, similar to sweet prunes and the taste of dense tobacco. It smokes easily, does not irritate the throat.

    I also want to note that Bronze Selection is not for everybody. Someone likes wild berries + menthol, and someone likes a strong tobacco taste and aroma. These sticks are in the middle and will calmly suit every day who has not yet found their favorite taste.

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