IQOS Heets Green Zing
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IQOS Heets Green Zing

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As the most preferred heat-not-burn product, Green Zing offers users the true taste of tobacco without the need to burn it. That means users can experience the true taste of tobacco with no ash or smoke and reduced odor. It further creates a pleasant experience for smokers and non-smokers. Green Zing delivers a highly aromatic experience with freshness and strength and has low intensity, making it suitable for health-conscious individuals who seek an alternative to smoking. These sticks produce a fresh taste of cooling menthol enhanced with citrus and apple notes. Specially designed with a high threshold, it can withstand a wide range of temperatures. This means you are guaranteed a seamless performance across a wide range of weather conditions.

4 reviews for IQOS Heets Green Zing

  1. Fatimah

    Good day, I want to share my general impressions.
    When I bought Green zing sticks for the first time, I expected a little different. But you will not find any apple, lime, or herbs in them. There is a lot of menthol, they also remain very smoky, but they do not have a pronounced taste.
    Also, I would like to note the unusual smell from them, it is not nasty, but quite specific. Therefore, I do not recommend it to beginners. And for permanent use it is hardly suitable. Rather, as a change, if you are tired of the usual sticks.

  2. Akun

    Comparing all types of sticks for iqos, these are the lightest and with a pleasant aftertaste. For me, this taste resembles apple juice. I prefer only these sticks now. And there is no such a sharp and unpleasant smell as from other ones.

  3. adnan

    Lime smell began feels immediately after opening the pack and with the first puff you can feel menthol.
    Not really a “Citrus flavor” as it seems to me, Citrus is something completely different, more related to a mixture of grapefruit, orange + lime + lemon and so on. But there is the lime only felt in these sticks and quite a lot of menthol. 4 stars for too much menthol.

  4. Sara

    In general, I am not a fan of any flavors in tobacco since the time of smoking cigarettes. Only some sorts of mint / menthol, sometimes, for sore throat. Otherwise, I normally wouldn’t use them. But Green Zing for IQOS turned out to be quite a bearable thing. There is something menthol or mint in it, but at the same time there is somehow fresh and apple notes like you’re smoking a menthol and eating a sour green apple.
    Quite interesting taste, for a change will go.
    I would say that the very first type of menthol sticks was simply awful, it was as if you were just breathing in a flavoring agent. But with Green Zing it is not like this – here you smoke a regular stick with a flavor.

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