IQOS Heets Purple Wave
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IQOS Heets Purple Wave

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Without the hassle of smoke, ash, or smell, IQOS Dubai has become a popular choice among non-smokers and people who wish to quit smoking. Our Purple Wave HEETS gives a stringent tobacco flavor blended amazingly with a raspberries punch. To provide a fresher essence while smoking, it also includes a mild menthol tinge. This unique flavor gives a smooth sensation that intensifies to become a bitter nuance similar to provide you with a real smoking experience. This unique HEETS has an exceptional long-lasting capacity that can help people quit smoking easily. As we manufacture these HEETS using high-quality tobacco and authentic flavor essence, it is a popular choice among IQOS users.

Body – ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

Intensity – ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Aroma – ★★★★★ 5/5</p>


5 reviews for IQOS Heets Purple Wave

  1. Khalid

    Heets Purple Wave sticks are some of the best sticks in my opinion. If you try, you will understand why.
    Firstly: these sticks have a refreshing effect due to the addition of menthol, do not leave an unpleasant aftertaste.
    Secondly: for smoke lovers, a much larger amount of glycerin is added to the composition, so there are a lot of steam.
    Third: it doesn’t not leave an unpleasant odor.
    Fourth: they have pronounced berry notes.
    Fifthly: they have a stylish design and convenient packaging.
    Suitable for both new Iqos users and experienced ones.

  2. Dimitris

    Recently switched to Iqos products.
    And faced a difficult choice of sticks.
    I tried menthol, citrus, yellow and purple. Most of the friends who use this type of tobacco products recommended purple ones.
    And I agree with them, it tastes is not annoying and not too sugary or menthol.
    If we talk about berry taste, then unfortunately it is practically not felt, only menthol prevail. The strength is about 3-4 if translated into ordinary cigarettes. One pack is enough for 3 days. So pretty economical thing + no odor. This is a way out for those who do not have willpower to quit the addiction.

  3. Hugo

    We decided to try sticks and tobacco heating systems about a year ago, a little less harmful still. We tried different sticks, or rather, we tried all the heets and only these Purple Wave you can smoke normally, all other sticks there is just hay in your mouth.
    Sticks in a pack, like everywhere else 20 pieces, are packed well, 10 pieces per compartment. The strength is average, well, quite similar to other sticks. At first, strong menthol tastes, then quite a bit the taste of blackberry is added, it is because of this mixture of tastes that the tastes of hay is minimized. Still, tobacco sticks for tobacco heating systems are not for everyone, it cannot completely replace cigarettes. But if heets, then only this taste.

  4. Lea

    Pleasant aroma and aftertaste. Isn’t annoying like some flavored cigarettes. Convenient packing and generally looks stylish.
    It also became a very big advantage for me that there is no bad breath like after cigarettes. The smell itself after the sticks disappears very quickly and does not bring discomfort.
    I like very much that the pack is divided into two sections. If the second compartment is already empty, then you can store the used sticks there, which is very convenient if there is no trash can.

    Just only one thing: I smoke sticks more than I smoked cigarettes. If a pack of cigarettes lasted for two days, then sticks sometimes two packs a day, which is a little expensive.

  5. Rich

    Nice berry taste and also contain a little menthol.
    Perhaps, out of 3 I have tested, this one is the most delicious, let’s say.
    It is simply excellent! The taste is good, only if you hold the smoke in your mouth, it starts to burn a little. I give you a solid five, I recommend!

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