IQOS device for smoking tobacco sticks

In recent years, smoking IQOS Dubai has been steadily gaining popularity. IQOS is a stick-shaped portable device. It consists of several parts: inside the stick there is a special heater, which heats the tobacco (in pressed form) with the help of temperature. This releases aerosols containing nicotine and other chemicals.

IQOS smoking kit

How is IQOS different from regular cigarettes? When a cigarette is lit, tobacco and paper are burned while smoking. When an IQOS is used, the tobacco is not ignited, but only heated. When using IQOS, the smoker does not inhale smoke, but nicotine vapor.

The order of temperature also differs: when a cigarette burns, it is about 800 C, and when using a tobacco heating system - 350 C. When a cigarette burns, many harmful substances are formed (about 6000 different substances, including tar, soot and carbon monoxide). When using the heating system of tobacco, harmful substances are formed by 95% less.

How IQOS works

IQOS Heets stick smoking device

Are IQOS and e-cigarettes the same thing? No, tobacco heating systems differ from e-cigarettes in that they use real tobacco, not flavored liquid. The concept behind IQOS is that it allows users to experience what looks and feels like smoking a regular cigarette without the moment of inhaling the burnt tobacco.

In addition to the already mentioned reduction in the formation of harmful substances by 95%, the advantages of choosing in favor of IQOS, as a rule, include:

  • Reduction of the formation of dark plaque in the smoker, as well as on the phalanges of the fingers;
  • The absence of a pungent smell of burnt tobacco, which permeates everything around: from the hair and clothes of the smoker to the room in which they smoke;
  • Lack of the effect of secondhand smoke: the aerosol that is released during smoking is practically safe for others;
  • The work of taste buds and analyzers is not dulled.

Safe smoking IQOS

Clinical studies of IQOS Heets do show a significant reduction in the harm from vaping (90-95%) compared to classic tobacco smoking. Therefore, this device can be safely considered a less harmful alternative to nicotine substance abuse.

The Tobacco Heating System is a new attempt by tobacco companies to adapt to the needs of young people in the modern world, as well as the ability to maintain and expand their customer base.