The IQOS ILUMA device is a tobacco heating system that offers an alternative to traditional cigarettes. It is designed to heat tobacco rather than burn it, which reduces harmful chemicals and makes smoking safer.

The IQOS ILUMA requires specially designed HEETS TEREA tobacco sticks, which contain a heating element. These tobacco sticks come in different flavors and are inserted into the holder before each session. Thanks to this solution, the device is incredibly easy to take care of and will not need to be cleaned of tobacco, making it last much longer.

Device types

We are glad to present our online store in Dubai, where you can buy IQOS ILUMA and compatible sticks.

We offer the following models to our customers:


IQOS ILUMA is a standard model that has similarities with the previous versions. It has a stylish case with a hard lid, which allows you to quickly remove it from the storage place. The device is convenient to carry around due to its compact size.


IQOS ILUMA Prime is an ideal choice for sophisticated vaping. It differs from standard models by its elegant and stylish design. The device comes in a luxurious leather and fabric covered case with a magnetic latch for a secure closure. When fully assembled, the IQOS ILUMA Prime resembles a high-end accessory, making it a great gift and part of a stylish bow.


IQOS ILUMA One is a minimalistic vape from the IQOS series. Its clean lines and stylish design make it perfect for smokers. Despite its compact size, it still provides a satisfying vaping experience. Users can choose from a variety of shades to match their personal style.

Striving for customer satisfaction, we provide fast delivery across the UAE. If you have any queries or require assistance, our dedicated management team is always ready to help you.

Benefits of IQOS ILUMA

Item 1

No need to clean the device due to the heater in the sticks.

Item 2

Large selection of designs, colors and sizes.

Item 3

Easy operation, IQOS Connect app.

Item 4

Fast heating and high capacity battery.

With IQOS ILUMA you will forget forever what is acrid smoke, unpleasant odor from hands and clothes, bitterness in the mouth. Compatible TEREA sticks will give you a rich palette of flavors: from burning menthol, to delicate fruits and classic tobacco. Differentiate your smoking with us and our rich assortment of original products!